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Housing in Denmark


Property prices in Copenhagen are on a level with many other European capitals. But property prices in Copenhagen are still low compared to a few European capitals such as for example London.

Danish properties are relatively large. A typical property for a family with children consist of common rooms such as living room(s), kitchen, utility room, hall, one or more bathrooms, and in addition to this, a room for each child as well as a bedroom for the parents. Housing standards are very high. Danes are known for spending a lot of money on interior design. Many Danes find quality of life in having a nice house in which the family thrives.

Renting a Property

If you wish to rent a property, there are certain requirements you have to fulfil:

  • The property must be used on a permanent basis. You must live in the property for at least 180 days per calendar year or 4 days a week.
  • The address must be filed with the national registration office. This presupposes a residence certificate (EC/EEA nationals) or a residence and work permit (non-EC/EEA nationals).

Nordic nationals who are in Denmark for a period of maximum 6 months, do not have to register at the national registration office, provided they fulfil the requirement of living in a property on a permanent basis.

When searching for a property to rent in Denmark, you can get help from different sources:

  • Relocation agents;
  • Property rental agencies;
  • Estate agents;
  • Finance Companies;
  • Newspapers.

Buying a Property

People who have no residence in Denmark, and who have not previously had residence in Denmark for a total of five years, need permission from the Ministry of Justice to purchase property in Denmark. This rule applies to both all-year residence and holiday homes/holiday sites.

Applications for permission to purchase an all-year residence are usually complied with. It is a prerequisite for the permission that the applicant holds a residence permit and that the property is continously used for all-year residence.

EU/EEA citizens may purchase property for all-year residence without permission from the Ministry of Justice. Instead, a declaration must be attached to the deed.