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Denmark Communications


Although the government telephone service owns and operates long-distance lines and gives some local service, the bulk of local telephone service is operated by private companies under government concession with government participation. Continuous efforts are being made to expand and modernise the system. As of 2006, there were over 3 million main line telephones in Denmark proper. That same year, obile cellular phones numbered over 5.8 million. Telegraph services are owned and operated by the government.

The radio broadcasting services are operated by the Danish State Radio System, on long, medium and short waves. Television broadcasting hours are mainly devoted to current and cultural affairs and to programs for children and young people. There is no commercial advertising on radio or television; owners of sets pay an annual license fee. As of 1998 there were 2 AM and 355 FM radio stations and 26 television stations. In 2000, Denmark had 1,349 radios and 807 television sets per 1,000 population. About 264 of every 1,000 people subscribed to cable television.

Also in 2000, there were 431 personal computers per 1,000 people and 13 internet service providers, serving about 2.93 million users in 2001.


Telephones - main lines in use:
3.098 million (2006)

Telephones - mobile cellular:
5.841 million (2006)

Telephone system:
general assessment: excellent telephone and telegraph services
domestic: buried and submarine cables and microwave radio relay form trunk network, 4 cellular mobile communications systems
international: country code - 45; 18 submarine fibre-optic cables linking Denmark with Canada, Faroe Islands, Germany, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden, and UK; satellite earth stations - 6 Intelsat, 10 Eutelsat, 1 Orion, 1 Inmarsat (Blaavand-Atlantic-East); note - the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden) share the Danish earth station and the Eik, Norway, station for worldwide Inmarsat access (1997)

Radio broadcast stations:
AM 2, FM 355, shortwave 0 (1998)

Television broadcast stations:
26 (plus 51 repeaters) (1998)

Internet country code:

Internet hosts:
3.114 million (2007)

Internet users:
3.171 million (2006)